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Frustrating Microsoft dialogs strike again

This, Microsoft. This is an example of why people are annoyed by you.


Firstly, the redacted user account details are those of the account under which I’m logged in. There is no way an account should be asking for permissions from itself unless it’s for UAC purposes, which this clearly isn’t.

Secondly, why provide a More details dropdown that is greyed out and unclickable?

(To add insult to injury, when I clicked the gadget to close this window the More details dropdown actually un-greyed, and possibly even became clickable, for a split second before the window closed).

Seriously, is there someone at Microsoft whose job description is to produce the most frustrating and rage-inducing Windows dialogs imaginable? Because if there is he’s been doing a stellar job for over 20 years now and should be recognised as a leader in his field.